Ultimaker NImble complete

This is the Ultimaker print head with a Nimble built inside.
It is made up of 3 separate products, combined to give you a complete direct drive solution for the Ultimaker MK2.

The products are:

  • All the required Nimble parts (but not the housing)
  • Print head housing parts to replace the original UM ones.
  • Special breech for the 3 mm filament

This unit replaces the print head housing parts with parts that hold the Nimble mechanicals internally. You can keep the original hot end. The only thing that you can see from the outside is the breech and the fact that there is a drive cable going into the print head. 

The colour of the parts is white (of course) and the breech is blue, to indicate it is a 3 mm breech. 

The Nimble parts are shipped by us, the housing and breech are shipped to you by Shapeways.