Nimble Housing V1.2

  • This upgrade is only needed if you bought a Nimble before November 2017, after that date all Nimbles are V1.1.

    The housing forms the backbone of the Nimble.

    It makes it so small and light and ambidextrous. The developments never stop and we continue to improve on the Nimble. This resulted in the first upgrade, Version 1.1 and it is available now.
    The changes are:

    • Stronger side column, while still retaining the garbage chute functionality.
    • Different way to latch the sleeve clamp, with 3 latches, instead of one.


    The advantages of manufacturing the housing using SLS is that we can change the design, without additional costs like mould making or setup changes. This allows us to optimise and improve on the Nimble and make these improvements available quickly.

    Note: This is only the housing and a new sleeve clamp with the better latches. The rest can be re-used from the original Nimble. For instance, the sleeve clamp on the stepper side does not change. SLS printed parts of the Nimble may exhibit mild variations in colour.

    Parts delivered are:

    Top Housing
    Bottom Housing
    Sleeve Clamp for Nimble side