CR-10 Nimble Sidewinder Kit

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  • The Nimble CR-10 kit allows you to easily add Direct Drive to the CR-10 and related printers, like the Ender 2,  Anet E series and Tevo Tornado. Simply remove the bowden tube from the print head and install the Nimble Sidewinder. Full installation documentation is provided.

    The Nimble Sidewinder is a unique Nimble originally developed as a special request by a customer. The result was interesting enough that we decided to go ahead and turn it into a product. With this kit we have included the parts to mount it on the CR-10 print head.

    The Nimble family are Remote Direct Drive extruders. The stepper is split away from the extruder itself, removing almost all of the weight from the print head. A Nimble is powered via a drive cable that transmits power of the stepper directly to the gear system inside. The drive cable comes horizontally out of a Sidewinder.

    It is a little heavier than the Nimble (29.8 grams) but let's be honest, there is nothing as light as the Nimble.

    Measuring only 50x28x45 mm, it is an impressively small and light extruder. The drive cable is 95 cm long and this length works for all sized printers. 

    The custom hob and the breech lever system allows any filament to be printed. From super hard carbon filled filament to X60, the floppiest filament in existence.

    The CR-10 kit comes with a mounting block that clicks into the metal housing of the print head and a screw that uses the bowden thread to fix the block into place on the hot end. The extruder stepper is left in place and a Bracket and Coupler are attached to hold the Drive cable. The Drive cable loops around the column and into the Sidewinder. It is done faster than it takes to explain it.

    Overall installation is a 4 step process. Mount the block with the Mount screw and install the Sidewinder. This takes roughly 5 minutes. Remove the extruder and mount the metal bracket on the stepper. This will take about 10 minutes. Switch two wires in the extruder stepper plug, to reverse the stepper direction. Roughly done in 2 minutes. Reduce the Vref of the stepper driver on the control board. About 5 minutes.

    In the images, the Mounting block is shown in red, purely to highlight it. The actual product is in black.

    Because the position of the stepper does not change, you can still use the filament out sensor if your printer has one. The bowden tube is then re-used to guide the filament from the sensor to the Sidewinder.

    This kit is now available on Thingiverse and on Shapeways.

    Extra accessories for this kit are also on Thingiverse. 

    Tray for the Drive cable

    Alternate fan duct

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