Dual Nimble Upgrade kit

Dual Nimble Upgrade kit

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If you already own a Nimble and have upgraded to a Chimera or Cyclops hot end then this is all you need to upgrade your extruder!

This kit is used to go from 1 Nimble to a Dual Nimble. It has all the additional parts needed to use the Nimbles on a Chimera/Cyclops hot end. 

The additional parts are:

1 x Double base
1 x Gear Set
1 x Drive Cable
1 x Complete sets of bearings
1 x Stepper bracket
2 x Drive Cable clamps
1 x Breech block

Extra nuts and bolts.

Just to be clear, this upgrade can ONLY be used if you already have a Nimble and want to start using a Chimera or Cyclops hot end.  

One of the best features of the Dual is that it can be mounted 2 ways on the Chimera block. Overhanging the side of the fan housing or turned 180 degrees, overhanging the 3 mounting holes.

Again showing the flexibility of mounting the Nimble.

 This kit is shipped from Australia and is usually shipped from stock.

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