Dual Nimble

Dual Nimble

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The Dual Nimble is only to mount directly on top of the E3D Chimera or Cyclops hot end giving you 2 Nimbles on top of the hot end. No additional mounting materials needed. It is the only remote direct drive for the Chimera/Cyclops currently in production.

It consist of all the parts needed to use the Nimbles:

1 x Dual base
1 x Complete Nimble housing, for the left and right hand cover.
2 x Gear Sets
2 x Drive Cables
2 x Complete sets of bearings
2 x Stepper brackets
4 x Drive Cable clamps
2 x Breech blocks

And of course, all the nuts and bolts needed to mount the Double to your Hot end. Only tools needed: a 2.5 mm and a 1.5 mm Allen key or hex key. 

One of the best features of the Dual is that it can be mounted 2 ways on the Chimera block. Overhanging the side of the fan housing or turned 180 degrees, overhanging the 3 mounting holes.

Again showing the flexibility of mounting the Nimble.

Have a look at our  documentation.

The Dual Nimble is shipped from Australia and is usually shipped from stock.

Zesty Nimble: Improved breech and filament change

The Zesty Nimble is available on our site: http://zesty.tech Our improved nimble design is now 15% lighter. With a new breech design that makes filament changeover so simple you can even do it with only one hand! The Zesty Nimble "Remote Direct Drive" extruder for FDM based 3D Printers is the lightest extruder in the world.

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