We feel the need to set the record straight.

Here is the history of our dealings with Jason Perkes aka Mutley3D. One note, just to make it absolutely clear. In this document, we only mention facts and things we can prove. We do not add our opinions or conjecture as they are open to interpretation. Just the facts here.  


In early 2015 we separately received our Boots Industries V2.5 printers. It was not a very good printer. Through our own support network, Brian and Lykle started working on improving the printer. This resulted in the knowledge that we could design a better delta printer. Design for this delta printer (code name One) started in June 2015.

We decided to look at different extruders, for instance the Fx3xD made by Jason Perkes.

Brian contacted Jason on 30 July 2015 to see if there was any possibility for a Chimera compatible Fx3xD. Jason suggested Brian pay in advance for one. Brian decided to wait till it was in production. The Chimera unit shows as a pre-order item on his site today (1 July 2017).

Getting an Fx3xD

On August 21st 2015 Lykle paid for a Fx3xD.
September 30th 2015 it arrived. 
Lykle had no further communications with Jason about the Fx3xD, no support asked or received. Next communications between Lykle and Jason was on April 16th 2016, regarding the licensing agreement.

After using the Fx3xD Lykle concluded that it would not fit our requirements for One. So we decided to develop our own. We developed what is now known as the Nimble. 
First prototype parts were ordered on October 2015.

It is an extruder based on the same concept that Jason uses. 
To our knowledge this concept was first published by Goaran, on Thingiverse on February 23rd 2011 here and a more complete design here. Also Topias Korpi used the same idea in this Youtube video.
The Fx3xD was first announced May 2014

Design choices

Many of the design choices for the Nimble were made in relation to using it on One.
The biggest design choice was to make it ambidextrous. As we wanted injection moulded parts, we needed a device that could be flipped upside down and used left handed as well as right handed. Another important design choice was to make sure not to restrict the Nimble to a single type of hot-end or type of printer. 
We also wanted a quick release mechanism to be able to switch out effectors easily. That's what gave rise to the breech block idea.


When we were happy with the Nimble, Lykle suggested that we contact Jason and offer a license in good faith. There was no legal reason for us to do so, as the concept and the design is in public domain and the whole concept has no patent on it. Lykle simply thought it was the right thing to do. 
In March 2016 Brian contacted Jason and offered a license fee per Nimble sold. Jason instead asked for a lump sum. After a long internal discussion we agreed.
Jason wrote the agreement.
On the 3rd of May 2016 Jason signed the agreement, Brian signed on behalf of Zesty on the 11th May 2016, both of these signatures were witnessed by 3rd parties and the payment that solidified the agreement was transferred in full on the 12th May 2016.

Here are a few important points from that agreement: 
"The parties herein referred to as Party A and Party B hereby come to an agreement for the use of intellectual property and knowledge created by Party A and utilised by Party B for commercial and monetary gain. This knowledge is the result of extensive developmental effort by Party A in relation to a 3D printer material extruder. Specifically, one that utilises a worm and wheel gear based drive
train driven by a flexible shaft."


"Party A agrees to Party B utilising this knowledge for commercial gain without restriction or hindrance."

Party A refers to Jason and Party B to us.

The contract also forbids us to use the trading name of the specific device. That is why that device is called Fx3xD in this document.

To date we have not requested or received any support on the Fx3xD, none what so ever.

Development of One is continuing but at a reduced rate as the amount of work for the Nimble takes up a lot of our time. 

We have taken, and continue to take, the high road in response to the statements made by Jason. However Jason has been escalating his false claims, perhaps because there has been very little push back from us.


In summary, here are some of the facts:
Fact 1. We have a legally binding agreement with Jason. On the 12th of May 2016 this agreement was confirmed with full payment by Brian as per the terms.
Fact 2. There was no reason to pay a license fee as nothing in Jason's concept is original or patent-able. We were being nice and honest.
Fact 3. Jason wrote the contract and included the line: "Party A agrees to Party B utilising this knowledge for commercial gain without restriction or hindrance." Jason is Party A.
Fact 4. Jason has described us as untrustworthy, fraudsters and deceitful, while he is the only one going back on his word, on his signed contract.
Fact 5. Lykle bought a drive. On August 21st 2015 Lykle paid for a drive. September 30th 2015 it arrived. 
Fact 6. Lykle never asked for or received support. None. Skype logs and email can prove this.
Fact 7. Despite the negative things Jason has said about us, we have never responded the same way. We have never said bad or personal things about Jason.
Fact 8. Brian purchased 2 pieces of PrintBite, and due to it shipping with no documentation and finding no documentation online at the time, he discussed with Jason on 2 occasions about the best temperature settings to use with it.
Fact 9. Despite coming up with several of the key innovating solutions for the Nimble, Brian has to this day never seen or held a Fx3xD.

All of these facts are documented. We have all the Skype transcripts and of course the contract. Jason has our permission and is encouraged to make both the full Skype transcript and the agreement public, so people can decide for themselves.

If you continue to see negative statements about Zesty in relationship to this matter, their validity is in question, until Jason accepts our offer to publish the documents mentioned above as proof of the claims. 

Edit: to this date (2018-08-11) he continues to without sollicitation message our customers and tell them lies about us and our product.