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Remote Direct Drive

The Nimble extruder comes without the weight penalty you usually get with direct drive printing.

The stepper is mounted away from the extruder, power is transmitted using a drive cable and gear set. An extra benefit of this gear set is higher resolution and more accurate extrusion.

Another benefit of direct drive is the ability to print with flexible filaments. The Nimble really shines here. Even the almost impossible to print X60 can be used.

Remarkably Flexible

So small and compact, the Nimble fits virtually anywhere, it even fits inside an Ultimaker 2 print head! Size alone does not explain just how flexible this extruder is.

The Nimble is installable left handed and right handed (yes it is ambidextrous).

Our use of printable interchangable adapters gives you unprecedented mounting flexibility,  we will design a perfect mount for you printer if one of the many available adapters doesn't work.

Light and Powerful

Less than 27 grams! Including all the mounting screws. Despite the weight (or lack of it) the Nimble is a powerful beast.

With it's 30:1 gear reduction, you have loads of torque. It generates more pressure than most hot ends can handle.

Another powerful feature is the breech lever, it is a simple latching system for the idle bearing. Open the breech, remove the old filament, slide in the new, click it closed. Done!