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Remote Direct Drive

The Nimble extruder comes without the weight penalty you usually get with direct drive printing.

The stepper is mounted away from the extruder, power is transmitted using a drive cable and gear set. An extra benefit of this gear set is higher resolution and more accurate extrusion.

Another benefit of direct drive is the ability to print with flexible filaments. The Nimble really shines here. Even the almost impossible to print X60 can be used.

The Nimble improves on this by making it easier to use and the much increased flexibility in mounting makes it deserve the nickname, the Flex.

Incredibly Flexible

The Nimble V3 has become even more flexible. Not only is it still small, you no longer need to choose between a Sidewinder version or a Nimble version. This flexible fiend does it all. One housing allows you to position the drive cable exactly where you want it. Horizontal, vertical, or anything in between. (in 22.5 degree steps)

The Nimble V3 is installable left handed and right handed (yes, it is still ambidextrous).

Our use of printable interchangeable adapters gives you unprecedented mounting flexibility. There are many adapters available. Contact us if you can't find one. We will help you.

Improved V3


  • Redesigned easier to use breech
  • Flexible mounting 
  • Stronger and stiffer than ever before
  • Back in black
  • Still the lightest, easiest to use and best remote direct drive extruder around.


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