How to mount this on my printer? 

There are a so many options out there, that we designed an adaptor system. This page explains in more detail.

How about retraction and backlash?

There is some flex in the cable and as we know, it is best to avoid flex in any system. Any rotational flex and backlash is reduced by the 30:1 gear ratio inside the Nimble. This translates into less than 0.1 mm filament movement.
We advise 1 mm retraction and 3100 steps per mm on a 1.8 deg stepper.

What materials can I print?

All materials. From very stiff filaments all the way to the most flexible materials. The whole filament path is completely enclosed, so even the most flexible of materials will print. Also, because the filament path is completely straight, even the stiffest, most brittle filament will print without any problems. 

Is a stepper included?

No, there is no stepper included with any of our products. Mainly because the Nimble replaces the original extruder and you can use its stepper. All you need to do is mount the stepper on the frame with the bracket we supply. Mount the Nimble on the effector or print head and connect the drive cable.

How did you make it so light?

The Nimble is so light because we separated the stepper from the extruder and mounted it somewhere else, on the frame. Now only the Nimble, which weighs less than 30 grams, is part of the moving parts on your effector of print head.

Will it fit on my printer?

Yes it will and if it doesn't we will (help) design a custom adapter to make it fit. Have a look at our adapter list