What makes the Flex so special?

When we started to develop the V3 we wanted to add something extra. Because of Covid we realised would customers have a long wait, so we needed to do something special.

Enter the Nimble V3, called the Flex!

It is called the Flex as it has unprecedented flexibility in mounting positions. Not only is it still ambidextrous, as all our Nimbles are, it allows you to choose from a whole range of drive cable positions. This makes it an ideal extruder for both, a Delta style printer with a vertical drive cable as for a CoreXY type printer with a horizontal drive cable.

The Flex uses all the design freedom that MJF allows and is shaped in such a way, that the position of the drive cable is locked in, without the need for extra screws. The stable 3 screw mounts offers a solid base for your printer to extrude with, allowing for more accurate and detailed work.

Because it is light and still direct drive, it is ideally suited to print flexible materials like NinjaFlex and X60.

The best part of the Nimble is the Breech. It allows you to quickly change filament, easier and faster than any other extruder out there. When you open the breech, you see the whole filament path past the hob. Changing filament is faster than telling you about it. Open the breech, pull the old filament out, insert the new filament and close the breech. See, done faster than we can say it!

Using this feature on a Toolchanger is magic, because at rest you can easily change the filament allowing you to print with a lot more variantions of filament than the number of toolheads you have.

In short, not only does the Flex deserve its name because of the mounting options, it also deserves it in its unparalled flexibility to print where and what you want to print.


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