Adapters for the Nimble

The Nimble is so flexible and easy to use, partly because of the unique shape and partly because it uses an adapter (or mount as some call them) system to attach them to a printer. 

Version 2

For Version 2 the mounting points for the Nimble and the Sidewinder now identical, so in most cases an adapter for the Nimble V2 can now also be used for the Sidewinder.  We're working on Adapters ready for when we start shipping it in December.

Version 1

There are a lot of adapters already out there, some designed by us, some by others. Some good, some experimental. So use your own judgment and be careful out there. There is no guarantee or warranty for any of these designs.

If you are using a Creality type print head, check out the special page for more details on how to mount a Nimble on the Ender3, CR-10 and the like.

Below is a list of Nimble adapters we are aware of.

If the adapter you need is not listed:

  • We have a standing promise that we will design an adapter for our customers if no suitable adapter is available.
  • This does not mean we will design a custom solution for everybody. If a customer wants a more custom design, we will discuss terms.

If you aren't able to print an adapter yourself?

Want to design your own adapter?

Recent adapters we know about:

See all adapters at: