Adapters for the Nimble

Here is a list of some of the adapters for the Nimble. This list is not complete, as the list is growing daily at the moment, so check back frequently. We will also post each adapter on our Facebook page.

Most of the adapters will be available via our Thingiverse page. To avoid the issue that if you need an adapter to print and therefore can't print an adapter, we also make most adapters available in our Shapeways shop, so you can order it online. 

If the adapter you need is not there, have a look at the list of adapters we are working. If the adapter you need is not there, add an adapter request here. You can also watch the progress of the different adapters as they are developed here.

 Printer and hot end Thingiverse Shapeways Image
Basic adapter to ensure concentricity of the Nimble with the hot end. Ready Ready Basic adapter for the Nimble
Adapter to fit a Nimble on the standard Kossel type effector. Simple bolt on the adapter and done. Ready Soon Adapter for the Nimble on a standard Kossel type effector
Big Box can handle 2 Nimbles. The plate is so large so we can use the existing mounting holes. Big Box with 2 Nimbles

Big Box IDEX with a Nimble on each side. This is great work by Greg himself and looks perfect. 


Ready Not our design, so will ask permission to put it up. Big Box IDEX adapter for the Nimble
Cetus adapter. The unit replaces the stepper, but still offers space for the cable PCB. Ready Ready Adapter to mount the Nimble on a Cetus

This adapter fits the following x-carriage.
It allows you to mount a Chimera or Cyclops hot end and 2 separate Nimbles. This give you maximum adaptability.

The adapter also have mounting points for the following sensors:

  • IR Sensor by David Crocker
  • Proximity sensor 12mm diameter
  • BLtouch sensor
  • Square Proximity sensor

So all in all, this is one very flexible adapter.

Ready Ready 2 Nimbles on a Prusa with a Chimera hot end
Geeetech i3 clone adapter. Ready Adapter to mount the Nimble on a Geeetech i3 clone
Ultimaker 2 adapter, this adapter replaces the bottom half of the Nimble W.I.P Adapter to mount the Nimble on an Ultimaker 2

For any Kossel type delta.

This is a simple re-work of Huntley's excellent work on the Kossel type effectors, including a led ring and fan holders.

Ready Magnetic Kossel effector for the Nimble
For a Kossel. 
This is a combination of all the work done by LeadingLights, Moriquendi ,DjDemonD and Huntley and uses the Nimble to make the whole unit direct drive.
The system is designed to hold a peizoelectric sensor squeezed between the hot end top and the Mount base. You will need some piezo transducers: Murata 7BB-27-4 As 27mm like these

Please read the description on DjDemonD's page for mounting instructions and how to prep the sensor. 
Also, check out Huntley's page as it describes the effector in a lot more detail.
This design is designed for the E3D V6 hot end. The J-Head will probably fit, but is not tested. Overall, the design is checked and the stl files are error free. But it is work in progress.
The solution for the Nimble is a little delayed. 
For those who cannot wait for the Nimble to test this out, use the other mount base.
Ready The Nimble on a magnetic joints effector and peizo calibration sensor
Bracket for a DBot. This is a simple little bracket to mount an E3D V6 and attach a Nimble on top. Ready Ready Adapter to mount the Nimble on a DBot