About us

Zesty Technology

The formal company name is Semper Decorus Intentio Ltd, based in Cyprus. We are trading under the name Zesty Technology as that sounds a lot better. Our focus is on creative engineering, but we also intend to deliver engineering that allows you to be creative. For now that is with 3D printing, but we also have plans for products in other areas in the future. 

As long as it is creative engineering, we will be working on it. Who are we?

Brian Gilbert Brian Gilbert 

Ever since he was a toddler Brian liked to know what makes things tick, taking apart complex toys at a young age and managing to put them back together and have them still work.

From his primary years he devoured books on many and varied subjects, both fiction and non-fiction with an ample weighting towards reference section of the Library.

"I owe a debt of thanks to my primary and secondary school librarians who would let me borrow twice the usual number of books, and even let me borrow the reference books."

At the age of 7 he got very interested in electronics, through time with his father (who built their family car from a shell), and educational exposure to many engineering disciplines at 15, he's never been afraid to try and make/modify or repair things.

"I guess I just have a knack for fixing things, or at least no fear of trying.. Which I think is the biggest step to being successful"

Has fond memories of his Amiga 500 and his own custom built A1200 tower, and today he is the director of a successful web development specialising in the open source Drupal CMS and with a strong focus on giving back to the community.

His first 3D printer came via Kickstarter and unfortunately came with some manufacturing issues, ever positive he embraced the challenge of learning how to calibrate it and quickly started to upgrade and improve it "I've modified it so much that only about 5% of it is what originally shipped"

He started a Slack group to support and build a community for other backers of the printer and immediately hit it off with Lykle and it wasn't long before we were collaborating on improvements to our printers and then on to designing new 3D Printing products of our own.

Lykle Schepers Lykle Schepers 

Lykle is always creating solutions. He started as a designer/engineer for designing big weighing equipment weighing 100 tons of sugar for instance. He moved to IBM to do CAD/CAM and grew from there.

He has a passion for design and mechanical engineering. This is shown in the various projects and inventions he has done. He designed and built his own car. “It was my dream from when I was 14 and one day I decided to just do it.” Not only did he do it, he managed to get the car approved for on the road. Not easy in a tightly regulated country like the Netherlands.

He patented a new device to heat a small swimming pool. It was a floating fire, using convection tubes to transfer the heat to the water. It was a beautiful stainless steel device with a wooden ring to make it float at the correct height.

Because he is a maker and is constantly designing and building things, it was inevitable that he would turn to 3D printing. He considered all the options and went for a delta printer: “I needed a large volume as I wanted to print molds to cast aluminium parts.”   

He quickly began to see how the 3D printer environment is still trying to develop. There are great machines out there, but the basics still need to be improved as well. Looking at his own delta printer and what the limitations were, he quickly realized: “I need a better method to push filament”

So he set out to engineer a better solution. Together with Brian, a list of requirements was drawn up and the work started. The result is here today: “My focus was on weight reduction and ease of use”


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