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Water cooling kit

  • This is a pre-sale. This means 3 things:

    • We expect to ship in 2 to 3 months
    • The price will go up, after pre-sale ends
    • If you order anything else at the same time, it will be shipped at the time your Kryo ships.

    The Water Cooling kit contains all the equipment you need for using the Kryo water cooling. The kit consists of the water pump, a radiator with a fan. It also contains enough 10 mm hose to connect all these parts. (The Kryo unit comes with reducers to connect with the 6 mm hose that the Kryo unit uses.

    The kit contains a 12V pump with an integrated tank. The radiator is aluminium and has a 12V fan. The fan is hardly used in normal use. The radiator and hose system usually keep the water cool enough. All you need to add is water.

    We have designed a housing for the units. You can print the housing yourself. It is available on Thingiverse.
    The photo's show metal connectors, but we have now found plastic connectors that make it a lot easier.