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Complete Kryo V6 Hot end


  • The well known E3D hot end, completed with the Kryo water-cooled body. The best of both worlds. 

    The best heat block and nozzle in the 3D printing world, combined with the smallest and most effective water-cooled heat sink in the industry.

    The Zesty Kryo is a water cooled heatsink replacement for the standard E3D V6 heatsink for 1.75 mm filament. It has the following benefits compared to the standard v6 heatsink:

    • 13mm shorter
    • Vastly better cooling capacity
    • Weight reduction of about 25%
    • More flexibility in mounting the hot end
    • You can turn your printer off immediately after printing

    It comes with hoses and hose clips to attach to a water cooling system. If you do not have a water cooling system, you can also purchase our separate cooling kit.

    The Kryo comes with inserts that allow you to mount it in 3 different ways:

    • Groove mount
    • M12x1.5 nut as per Smart Delta Effector
    • Using the side mounts

    All inserts are included as standard.

    The side mount holes can be used to mount the Kryo unit, but can also be used to mount part cooling fans, or an air pump hose, if you use a Berd-Air type of part cooling. There are an expanding list of available fan shrouds and other holders on Thingiverse. You need M3 screws to mount anything to the side mounts. The holes are not tapped, but the SLS nylon will allow you to screw the M3 in with no problem.