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The Nimble V1.2

Cable Length

  • The Nimble is a Remote Direct Drive extruder. This means the stepper is split away from the extruder itself. This removes almost all of the weight from the extruder part, making the Nimble weigh less than 27 grams. The Nimble is powered via a drive cable that transmits the power of the stepper directly to the gear system inside the Nimble.

    It is the smallest lightest extruder available. Measuring only 23.5x39x28.5 mm, it is a very impressive extruder. The drive cable is 95 cm long and this is more than long enough for most printers. On a delta it allows for a print volume of more than 1 meter tall.

    (The AAA battery is not included or required. Only shown for scale.)

    The Nimble can be mounted left handed or right handed and uses an adapter system. This makes it easy to install and easy to switch to another printer.

    The custom hob and the breech lever system allows any filament to be printed. From super hard carbon filled filament to X60, the floppiest filament in exsistence.

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