Dual Nimble kit

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The Dual Nimble kit is simply 2 Nimbles with all the mounting screws and parts needed to use the Nimbles. It is intended to mount the Nimbles on top of the Chimera and Cyclops hot ends, using this self-printed adapter and 3 M3x14 screws.

It is the only remote direct drive for the Chimera/Cyclops currently in production.

One of the best features of the Nimbles/adapter combination is that it can be mounted 2 ways on the Chimera block. Overhanging the side of the fan housing or turned 180 degrees, overhanging the 3 mounting holes.

If you decide to stop using the Chimera/Cyclops you will still have two fully usable Single Nimbles.

It consists of the following parts:

2 x Nimble V1.1
2 x Drive Cables
2 x Complete sets of bearings
2 x Stepper brackets
2 x Couplers
4 x Drive Cable clamps
2 x Breech blocks

And of course, all the nuts and bolts needed to mount the Nimbles to your Hot end. Only tools needed: a 2.5 mm and a 1.5 mm Allen key or hex key.

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