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Apparently you think we are great, but recently we've heard from a small handful of you of some problems. We had to dig deeper.

A problem is a chance for you to do your best.
–Duke Ellington

One of the biggest surprises has been, how reluctant you are to hold us to the high standards we set for ourselves. When you join the Zesty family, it means you believe in considered design, high-quality components and real user support – which means our relationship doesn’t end after you buy the Nimble.

Lets end that now

If you're not failing every now and again, it's a sign you're not doing anything very innovative.
-Woody Allen

Our goal was to fail as often as possible in the prototype stage, we did this so that you would never have to deal with a problem in your day to day use of the Nimble.


Image of some of the prototypes

A photo of some of our failures, otherwise known as prototypes.

Please email us at: info[at]zesty[dot]tech, with any details of components that have failed or broken before their time. We'll sort you out.

We wanted to know why you’d hold back on telling us that your Nimble experience hadn’t been perfect. Here’s what we learned:

  1. You're used to crappy service from other unresponsive vendors who don't really care about you.
  2. You are busy, and not the complaining type, it isn't affecting your usage.
  3. You know we're a small startup and feel bad about making complaints or requests.

Here's why we need your feedback

We really do always want to hear about any problems or questions you have!

Here’s why:

  1. We can't fix it if we don't know about it.
  2. It makes your experience super positive, by ensuring your Nimble is in full working condition.
  3. It helps us improve our products, which benefits everyone.
  4. We get to hear cool stories about how you’re using the Nimble!

Because we actually do care.

Driving 2.0

Recently, we were alerted to a cable defect by one of our customers where the inner cores had retracted inside the outer on the round end of the cable. Upon further research we discovered this was caused  by not all cores being fused together at the round end of the cable.


Image of the good the bad and the ugly cable ends

This defect particularly affected a specific batch of our drive cables. We took this to our supplier who acknowledged this was a fabrication error on their part. They have remade all these cables.

Even after we invited the Zesty family to fill out an RMA for a replacement cable only 19 of you filled out the form.

However, we know for a fact that more than 19 of you will be affected..

Even if you were not part of the affected batch, on the small chance you may be affected, you will be receiving replacement cables.

Why didn't we find this in prototyping? We can only assume it's because the drive cables at that time were one off, and made more carefully.

Into the breech once more.

A handful of customers reported that the breech was not closing properly, yet despite this it seems the Nimble was still printing nicely for most.

During prototyping we never had this problem and even now, with the production parts, we ourselves still can't reproduce the problem.

The tolerances needed for the Nimble to work flawlessly are precise. Some of the breeches overstepped this tolerance limit.

Instead of asking our customers for proof and photos of problems with cables or breeches, we simply decided to send all our customers a complete new set of cables and breech blocks. This way we solve the issues once and for all, even for those customers that do not experience any issue just yet.

To infinity and beyond!

For the drive cable we have worked with the supplier to improve production of future cables that ensures these kind of issues do not happen again. We have also implemented a more stringent quality control. Now that we have all this in place we are giving a life-time guarantee on our drive cables.

Lykle redesigned the breech block so that it closes better, an affected customer Tomas has confirmed it resolved the issue. Happily it is now even easier to open and close. As you can see in the photo, the difference is small, but important. 


Image of the new breech block

We are very proud of the Nimble. We will consistently go above and beyond with customer care, and to make the Nimble the best remote drive extruder available.

But we can not do this without our customers.

Your support and enthusiasm has been phenomenal. We are deeply appreciative for this. But please, keep us on our toes and challenge us to do better, every step of the way.


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July 21, 2017

As someone that constantly deals with people that don’t want to complain, I completely understand how you feel! I also appreciate great customer service and after looking at several extruders I think you convinced me to buy a Nimble. It is encouraging to see companies doing the right thing for their customers, thank you!


July 17, 2017

Thanks for looking after us, guys. I’m really enjoying the nimble so far, and it’s been a pleasure interacting with both of you. I’m inspired. Keep up the amazing work!


July 17, 2017

Thank you, but it feels normal to us.
Happy to help.

Happy printing!

alexander blomberg
alexander blomberg

July 17, 2017

congratulations! remarkable customer service.
you brought the new breech underway before I dared to complain: mine didnt close
properly(one noose always off). I can live with it, but a new one is even better.
besides: one of the drive cable clamps slips off the noose when I screw it down to the body.its looks a bit oblique but works anyway.
super improvement for my rostock max with cyclops! only 1mm retraction!
thank you.

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