June 21, 2017

Now that the Nimble is doing well and selling like hot cakes, we are looking at other areas for our next step. Besides 1 or 2 printers we are working on, we are delving deep in the various ideas for hot ends. From the "standard" hot end to interesting new ideas that are happening in the 3D printing world. 

There are two main areas we are looking into, Innovation and Multi filament.


It is a difficult thing to define, innovation. Some see changing the colour as innovation, others will not accept development of new ideas as innovation but merely copying somebody else's ideas. But for Zesty it is simple. Anything where we personally go "Oh yes! Wow!" counts. We had that a few times with the Nimble, and we are having it now with the hot ends. More on the plans in this area later. 

Multi filament

The multi filament area encompasses everything from multiple hot ends working together to a single hot end handling multiple filaments going into it. This is the area where I want to focus on in this post.

The main development at the moment is going into a single hot end with 2 filaments going into it. It is based on the Prometheus concept but we hope to be able to make it a lot more compact.

Overall concept is this


Overview 2in1 hotend

It is a single heat break with a big fan cooling it. A top mounting plate holds two Nimbles at a small angle and they feed the two filaments into the hot end. Internally the filaments are guided towards the melt zone. Only one filament at the time can be extruded, so it is not intended as a mixing hot end.

The mounting of the hot end does away with the groove mount and overall it is a very compact little hot end. If it works. So far it is a concept as I have had no time to work on the aluminium heat break. We hope to show something soon. 

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