The Nimble

Give your 3D printer the upgrade it deserves

The Nimble Remote Direct Drive (RDD) extruder in detail

Remote Stepper

We've created is the smallest and lightest extruder in the world, this allows you to print faster while maintaining the accuracy of your prints. The Nimble is mounted on your hot-end and connected via a flexible drive cable to the stepper mounted on your printer frame.

Less mass, less inertia, easier movement, better prints.

Reliable extrusion

Being a direct drive extruder, with a 30:1 gear ratio, the Nimble can extrude and retract with both precision and high torque. This allows you to print fast while remaining within the optimal torque/RPM range of your stepper and also negating any possible backlash.

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Neon TPU showing full visibility filament changeover on Nimble
  • Changing to to a different hot end?
    Simply change your adapter.
  • Upgrading to a multi nozzle hot end?
    You don't have to buy a complete new extruder. Simply add a Nimble and an adapter.
  • Installing a Chimera/Cyclops?
    You have 3 options; Dual Nimble upgrade kit, Nimble with the Chimera mount plate, or devise your own method. The Nimble is currently the only RDD available for the Chimera.
I crave this flexibility
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Collage of all the adapters for the Nimble

Join the Zesty family

Zesty Technology and the Nimble was born out of a user created community for the BI V2.5 delta printer.

Being connected and collaborative with our customers and community is one of our core tenets we are setting up different ways for you to contact us and talk to us directly.

We look forward to sharing the journey and supporting you as you give your 3D printer the upgrade it deserves with a Nimble.

In summary

The Nimble has a lot of features that make it even more special. It has a garbage chute, for chaff, it is ambidextrous, it has a breech loading system and it can be mounted anywhere.
Here are the benefits of the Zesty Nimble:

  • Direct drive
    No more Bowden extruder. Flexible filaments are now easy to use.
  • Super simple filament changing
    Clear view of the whole filament path.
  • Quick and sure retraction.
    It is direct drive and the cable does not hinder this.
  • Small and compact
    Will fit any printer, just mount with 2 M3 screws.
  • Very light
    Faster printing with more accuracy, less stress on the printer.
  • Ambidextrous
    Just flip it over for optimal placement.
  • Adaptable
    With our adapter system it will fit any type of hot end. Adding an extra hot end? Even with a Chimera you simply order a secondary Nimble.
  • Quality parts
    POM Injection molded gears make sure the parts are accurate and smooth. SLS printed shells make for a strong unit.
  • Increased torque
    Our gear system increases available torque.
  • Optimal package
    Smaller and lighter than any available extruder, with the added benefits of being more adaptable and easier to use.
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